You gonna find below the list of incoming features and informations we are looking for.
If you have ideas, if you want to contribute, please let us know.

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What are we about to do

Here is the list of the next steps in the development.

  • Associations page
    We know about various associations that work on the environment respect topic, and that we wish more people would know about.
  • Transportation page
    We want to promote bike and train transportation, providing the maximum information for foreigners.
  • Hungarian version
    Make the wesite in Hungarian as well

Informations we miss

May be you know the answer to those questions ?

  • Recycling & country side
    • How is done recycling in Hungary out of Budapest ?
      We heard that there are city/towns where there are different bin types ...
    • May you know where we can find a list of recycling points country side ?
    • FKF is responsible of yards in Budapest.
      How does it works in country side