Some soft reminders to improve your shopping habbits :

  • Try to avoid wasting : Food, never wear clothes, ...
  • Try to decrease packaging : Re-use platic bags, avoid over packaged products, ...
  • Try to buy second hand if you can
  • Try to buy local
  • And also give away or sell what you don't use

Below, some places or services that may help you in your quest.

If you cannot find something that match your needs, or if you know something that should be had : Contact us

Zsamboki biokert

You want bio food grew localy with low carbon profile ?

Zsamboki Biokert produces Open Gardens Box :
high quality, fresh, healthy organic vegetables at affordable prices.

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Now a decade in the business, Printa offer a capsule collection of clothes and accessories that are handmade using organic ingredients. But this is also the go-to boutique for idiosyncratic souvenirs such as posters, canvas bags, even kitchen towels, whose design draws inspiration from Budapest symbols and street art.

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