Why this website was created ?

Couple of questions :

  • There are no glass bin in my building, where am I supposed to drop them ?
  • My hungarian friends are washing there yogourt pots before to throw them, is it the right thing to do ?
  • I have clothes that I don't use anymore, where can I give it for charity ?

That the kind of questions that started it.

What this website aim at ?

Respecting the environment in our consumer society is not intuitive and take effort.
To make it a bit more easier, this site aim to provide guides, tips and tricks.
Contents have to be clear and unpowering to push people to do just a little bit more.

We are aware that this problematic should be handled collectivly rather than individualy.
However no harm can be done if some of us can inspire others.
So you will not find "what you should do" here but wishes and tools.

Who is behind thoses pages ?

The initiative started with Benoit Molenda on the behalf of ProxyGear.
But the contribution of a local community would help a lot.
The site was designed to welcome a community of people who with to complete, update and correct the informations and may be more ...
Who knows ?

How can you help ?

  • Sending feedbacks, if you like it, it's always good to know.
  • Sharing this address
  • Proposing corrections, additions or anything constructive to this site

What technologies are used here ?